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Today I took the opportunity to delve more deeply into old patterns—peeling back yet more layers of the onion of wellness. My inner spirit knew exactly where to go, exactly which parts of me that long to align with Source.

It’s a thrilling process, this process of simultaneously surrendering and reclaiming power. As I polish the diamond of identity with each peeling of the onion, I feel more and more in congruence inside and outside.

Truth be told, the thrilling part is feeling the new life. The clearing process itself is messy, despairing, and painful. But I am devoted to living in soul alignment with who I really am. That means letting go of patterns that feel safe, even as they also feel unhappy. Letting go hurts, there’s no two ways about it.

In our Western culture, we often equate pain with “bad.” Pain or discomfort aren’t necessarily bad—they’re messengers. Another word for an emotional messenger is “divine dissatisfaction.” What if I’m feeling pain because misaligned patterns are ready to clear away? I can’t say I enjoy pain—who does?—but I do know that pain is a messenger. It doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong.

It means something is right–information is coming my way. There is a new part of me ready to unfold. That’s the thrilling part! The old, outdated persona releases (if you let it) in a swirl of energy healing and grace.So, what if you’re right? What if the dissatisfaction or pain you’re feeling are messengers that a new part of you is ready to unfold?

It’s been a healing day, a day of bringing another aspect of myself into its natural wholeness. What great news–to feel and listen deeply. What great news to help others do the same!

If you’d like assistance in these matters, I’m honored to assist. Message me through the reiki page–DM, Whatsapp, or email:





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