I grew up highly emotional (Enneagram 4 for those interested in the Enneagram) and spent so long shaming myself for these feelings. I knew that my culture denigrated emotions, particularly ones that seem negative. More than that, I didn’t know what to do with them. I learned that emotions are untrustworthy, scary, and unwanted.

I have since learned (and continue to) that, first of all, everyone is different, and each of us have unique access points to what lights us up. Maybe it’s practical, maybe it’s cerebral, maybe its physical or spiritual—whatever it is, it’s fulfilling to listen deeply and hear where the joy is. Sometimes it’s cerebral for me—when I feel curious about an idea or enjoy someone with interesting ideas. It depends on the moment, for sure. Often, though, it’s emotional and energetic for me.

Taking time to listen deeply to my emotions—to the depths and the heights. I can pretend to be what I’m not, or . . . I can receive the gift of emotions and understand that they are one of my superpowers. It’s a wonderful gift to know the highs, lows, and middle of feelings—to know how to channel truth, humanity, and authenticity. Those old beliefs of shame have lead me to loving and embracing feelings.

When I perform, I embody intense emotions. How wonderful to utilize vowels, consonants, musical line, style, and finally, to physicalize all of this through technique. Because I constantly channel emotions, they communicate clearly in performance. It’s a life path and well worth it. I feel grateful for the gift of emotions. They are sign posts, if we learn to heed their messages.

If you’d like support receiving (and interpreting) the messages of your feelings, I’m happy to assist. Send me a DM, Whatsapp, or e-mail through the link below.





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